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COVID-19 Updates

Important Device Recommendations Before Returning to Campus

July 9, 2021


Greetings Campus Community,

As we begin preparing for a return to campus, Technology Services has an important recommendation regarding the technology that you plan to bring with you.  

We recommend disconnecting Eduroam from all devices before you return. This applies to all laptops, tablets and smartphones. The goal is to prevent connectivity issues when you arrive. 

Included below are specific instructions for disconnecting Eduroam from various devices. Please note that this process will not hinder the performance of your devices in any way. 

Once settled in, you will need to reconnect to Eduroam as this is the preferred wireless network connection for the campus community. Instructions for reconnecting to Eduroam may be found here

Please contact the Service Desk for assistance or questions regarding the process at 559.278.5000.



Technology Services


How to disconnect from Eduroam on an iPhone or iPad.

How to disconnect from Eduroam on a Mac device.

How to disconnect from Eduroam on Windows 10 device. 

How to disconnect from Eduroam on an Android device.