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COVID-19 Updates


We are still required to follow the health and safety guidelines that were communicated on June 21, 2021.

These health and safety protocols do not apply to instructional activities (classroom/laboratory) or intercollegiate athletic events. Guidelines for these activities and events will be provided in the near future.

Indoor Meetings and Events (On-Campus/Off-Campus)

  • Make room reservations using 25Live or the applicable scheduling process for a particular space.
  • Reduced room capacity is no longer required.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. (Request supplies online from the campus Warehouse)
  • Contact Facilities Management to schedule any additional cleaning services.
  • Face Coverings:
    - All members of our campus community (students, employees, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated) are encouraged but not required to wear a face covering indoors. 
  • Physical Distancing:
    - There are no longer any physical distancing requirements.
  • Event guests (who are not employees or students):
    - Event invitations to community guests should include the reminders shared below. 
    • Event organizers may download this information to post at the event entrance and for use on social media and event flyers. 
    • Guests should complete the Daily Health Screening Questionnaire in advance of coming to campus. If the screening questionnaire results in the guest receiving a red X, the guest should not attend the event. 
    • If guests become ill within two (2) days after the event, they must notify the event host. The host will then contact the campus Office of EHS/Risk Management at 559.278.6910 or via

Outdoor Events and Activities

  • Face coverings are not required regardless of vaccination status, but highly encouraged if cannot socially distance.
  • There are no physical distancing requirements.

If you have any questions about following these guidelines, contact Lisa Kao, director of Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management at or Amy Luna, manager of Emergency Operations at