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Spring 2022 Updates/COVID-19

Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

This information is offered to provide quick guidance and next steps in the event that a student or employee is experiencing symptoms, has tested positive or has been exposed. 

We are following Cal-OSHA and CDPH guidelines for students and employees.  

Please contact the Call Center at 559.278.0001 if you have any questions.


what people have to do if they have COVID-19 symptoms and/or their illness is confirmed with a positive COVID-19 test.

what unvaccinated people have to do if they have close contact with someone else confirmed to have COVID-19.

within 6 ft. of a person during a COVID-19 person’s infectious period (2 days before symptoms or testing positive if no symptoms) for over 15 minutes total over a 24-hour period.

  • Two (2) weeks after your second dose in a two-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
  • Two (2) weeks after your single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (J&J) vaccine
  • AND boosted, if booster eligble

Booster-eligible: Five (5) months after your last Moderna or Pfizer shot, or two (2) months after your Johnson & Johnson/Janzen vaccination.


Please click on a box below for more information. 

Close Contact, No Symptoms, Fully Vaccinated
Close Contact, No Symptoms, Not Fully Vaccinated
Sympoms Without a Positive Test (Regardless of Vaccination Status)


Positive Test Without Symptoms (Regardless of Vaccination Status)
Positive Test with Symptoms (Regardless of Symptoms)


Staff and Managers:  If you need to quarantine/isolate for COVID-19-related reasons, you can telework, if your manager deems it operationally feasible. 

Faculty:   If you need to change modality (move to remote teaching) during your quarantine or isolation period, please work with your Chair and Dean.

Staff, Faculty, Managers and Student Employees:  If you are unable to telework, you will need to report quarantine/isolation dates to Human Resources using this form. Human Resources will reach out to you regarding your COVID-19 paid leave options using the information provided on the form. For additional information please refer to the COVID Leave Programs on our website. Please do not complete this form if you are an Auxiliary or Foundation employee or a student (non-employee).